Dogs like other animals, will attempt to hide their pain and discomfort. This makes it difficult to spot when they are not feeling themselves. Dogs can become uncomfortable when they have had lots of exercise, a fall or trauma as a result of playing, walking or playing fetch. Those dogs that are used for sport have high physical demands going through their bodies which can increase the likely hood of an injury. Dogs may show behaviour changes if they are in pain, some of these can include decreased activity levels, lack enthusiasm to go out on walks and become reluctant to leave the house. They may be stiff when rising, struggle to jump into the car and climb the stairs. Some of the common things that veterinary physiotherapy can be used for are neurological conditions, post-surgery or injury. To manage hip and elbow dysplasia, joint problems and soft tissue injuries. It can also be used for weight loss and increasing fitness.  

Dogs can become bored if they are having rest post-surgery or after an injury, therefore they can become playful and mischievous. To see easy activities that will relieve your dog’s boredom please go to our blog ‘Banish their Boredom'.

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