Banish their Boredom (dogs)

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Dogs can become destructive and naughty if they are bored. We never like leaving our dogs behind when we leave the house however sometimes it is unavoidable. It is always recommended that you do not leave them for more than half the day without someone or you letting them out for a comfort break and giving them some attention. However, there are ways to make the time less stressful and more fun for your pooch.

It is important that your dog’s get adequate stimulation in a day, whether that be physical exercise or mental stimulation. When you leave your dog at home, they can become easily bored and look for things to do to entertain themselves.

Instead of your dog finding their own things to play with you can provide them with things to do. After mental stimulation your dog should also feel tired and may be more willing to settle ready for your return.

I would always recommend that you try and exercise your dog before you leave them for long periods. But there are multiple activities you can design or buy.

Remember those of you with the slightly chunkier pups need to take the food ration out of their daily meal. Below are three easy ways to relieve boredom.

Chew toys

The Kong can be given on its own or you can place some of food inside. You can use your dog’s own kibble or buy the food provided by Kong. To make it more challenging for your dog to chew and eat the food you can freeze the Kong overnight in the freezer.

Remember also providing your dog with something to chew will help remove the plaque that builds up in on their teeth.

Snuggle matt

Another method to relieve boredom is by supplying your dog with a snuffle matt. You can hide treats inside, encouraging them to use their sense of smell to find the treats. This can keep them busy for a while, however they will eventually run out of treats. So, it would be best to give to them if you are only out for a short while. It would be best to use this for one dog and not multiple in case it causes disagreements. You can buy or make these yourself.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games are another method. You can buy a variety that start quite simple and get harder. This method is one that requires a lot of brain power and should tire your dog out quite easily. The aim is that the dog completes a puzzle (could be by moving things with their paws and noses in order to get a reward). The puzzle games can be quite frustrating for your dog at the start, so it is recommended that you give it to them when you are present. You may also need to teach them and help them with some of the harder puzzles. You will find that your dog may become good at solving a puzzle that they have completed more than once. Therefore, it is useful to have more than one puzzle that you can alternate. You can buy puzzles with more than one sequence, these can be useful.

You can buy the activities from pet shops and online. Ensure that once you have opened the product you check over it to ensure it is safe to use and that there are no sharp or loose bits that could cause injury.

If your dog needs this entertainment when you leave the house then try and save these games for then, it will help decrease the chance of them getting to familiar with them and will keep them busy whilst you are out.

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