Providing high quality veterinary physiotherapy care to enhance comfort and performance.



IP Veterinary Physiotherapy 

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Welcome to IP Veterinary Physiotherapy. We provide a mobile, high quality veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation service for your animals. We operate in the Cheshire, Derbyshire and Greater Manchester area. Offering a range of services, including fitness advice, along with easy plans to achieve both short term and long term goals. We believe that your animal should receive the best possible care.

Veterinary physiotherapy is the use of therapeutic techniques such as manual therapies, electrotherapies and hydrotherapy to help treat disease or injury. The aim is to increase mobility whilst increasing the comfort of the animal. Helping to promote the healing process which will restore damaged tissues. Veterinary physiotherapy is used to improve core stability and balance whilst improving the strength of the injured tissues. It also helps to increase cardiovascular fitness and optimise performance. Veterinary physiotherapy can be used post-surgery to aid the healing process. Physiotherapy is used in animals similarly to the way it is used in humans.


The physiotherapist will have a variety of specialist skills to analyse and treat your animals.

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